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Featured in Boston Sunday Globe Young Readers' (Nonrequired) Summer Book List
(June 10, 2012)

“Some people won’t believe any of this story. You might be one of them. But every single word is true. Tony DiMarco does catch a murderer, solve a mystery, and find a treasure—all in the first few days after he moves, unexpectedly, to 13 Hangmen’s Court in Boston. The fact that he also turns thirteen at the same time is not a coincidence.”

So begins the story of Tony and his friends—five 13-year-old boys, all of whom are living in the same house in the same attic bedroom but at different times in history! None are ghosts. All are flesh and blood. And all have suddenly come together in the eaves of this historic town house because they are linked by a murder, a mystery, and a treasure.

More praise for 13 Hangmen:

“This is an exceptionally good story, with a wry, humorous tone that has particular boy appeal. It covers baseball, history, sibling rivalry, girls and mystery, and folds in the space-time continuum... The fun is multi-layered, and the historical characters range from Ted Williams to Paul Revere to Mayor John “Honey” Fitzgerald, grandfather of JFK and early advocate of multiculturalism.”
—School Library Journal

“Ghostly fun in old Boston... Readers who love history [will] find themselves happily immersed in the fascinating tale.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Corriveau ably uses the boys’ tales to weave historical elements into his story, including cameos from Ted Williams and Paul Revere.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Recommend this engaging historical mystery to readers who devoured Dan Gutman's Baseball Card Adventures series and are ready for longer, more complex stories.”

“Corriveau merrily ransacks historical episodes and figures... and spins, twists, and manipulates their stories to advance the DiMarco family mystery. The result is a novel that agilely balances humor and tension and comes clean in the end regarding the many liberties taken with the historical record.”
—Bulletin of the Center for Children's Literature

“In a riveting tale stretching through time, Tony receives Ted Williams's rookie year Red Sox cap from his great uncle, and on his thirteenth birthday inherits his suddenly deceased uncle's home at 13 Hangmen Court.”
—School Librarian's Workshop

“This was an interesting book, not quite historical fiction, not quite fantasy, but some of both. The story centers on Boston and the Red Sox, but goes back to the time of Paul Revere. A bonus is that the author has included notes about what is real and what is fiction for several important story elements. Although teens are the main characters, the adults are not complete idiots; a pleasant change from many books today. All in all, a good story. ”
—Library Media Connection

“An adventure combining time-travel, mystery and treasure. Set in the attic room of an historic Boston home, Tony and his friends work together to decipher historical events that solve a present-day mystery.”
—Oklahoma Metro Family Magazine's "Great Reads for All" (June 2012)

“Readers will get a lively crash course in Boston history and a mystery with a murder and a lost treasure. They meet Tony, a likeable kid with a wry sense of humor… The author does a creative job of merging history and fiction. This would be a good book for families to read together before setting out for Boston, the Freedom Trail, or Salem this summer.”
—Florida Times-Union (

“This book is so much fun. Everyone should read it, age doesn't matter… This story makes you think about all the little incidents in history that led to the beg events we learn about school. It makes you want to discover things, research, learn something.”
— (Tulsa)

Under the big Umbrella of fiction, the mystery of 13 Hangman has you turning each page eager to discover what comes next.  From the book, you learn that knowing the history about a person, place or thing can be very important.  If you love Mysteries, then you’d probably love 13 Hangmen by Art Corriveau.
—Creative Kids Magazine (Reviewed by Mofe Akinyanmi)

“A splendid crackerjack of a mystery that celebrates stories and the hidden connections between place and history. You'll never look at your bedroom the same way again.”
—Matt Phelan, author & illustrator, winner of the 2010 Scott O'Dell Award

"This is a slugfest of a mystery for YA readers where baseball meets murder and the base paths are covered with intrigue, pathos and laughs. Pass me the peanuts and Crackerjacks, Art Corriveau sure can write!"
—Alan Lawrence Sitomer, bestselling author and California Teacher of the Year 2007

"I love Art Corriveau's fascination with American history and his ability to bring it to life in 13 Hangmen. He's able to show readers that, while the world may change over the course of 230 years, a good mystery can always bring inquisitive teenagers together."
—Amy Ignatow, author of The Popularity Papers
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ISBN 978-1-4197-0159-7
U.S.A. $16.95 Canada $18.95
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